Monday, July 12, 2010

This Photo is Dedicated to Abby's Vocal Chords

Hey-o!! Hope you guys had a great time working in class today! Just a few brief notes:

A) Sketchbook assignment= ECHO (echoooechoooechooo)

B) at least FOUR thumbnails due tomorrow (Tuesday) for your young adult book cover, and TWO thumbnails for the inside spot. We will look over them and approve one of each for ROUGHS due Wednesday. (FInal versions are due on Monday)

C) CRAZY CRAZY PORTRAIT EXERCISE: have your serious portrait of a ridiculous inventor ready for Wednesday. We'll look at them with the roughs that are due the same day.

D) PIZZA PARTY!! Bring a few dollars so we can buy pizza for lunch!

E) The Main Building is actually the Chamber of Secrets. If you find the basilisk that turned all the people to stone then you win pre-college.

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