Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weekend Reminders

Hey everyone! Great job working in class today! Remember that your finals for the video game re-design are due Monday--outside cover and inside disc. Come to me or Abby anytime if you have questions about your piece. The sketchbook word is TALISMAN. Have a great weekend and we'll see you Monday!

ps if you want to see more of Jessica Hische or Heads of State, check out their websites:

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Wednesday 6/30

You all are impressing us with some great work, great ideas and terrific skills. Our first week of core class is about over...time will pass quickly so let's make the most out of every opportunity. For Wednesday:
The sketchbook word is "OPPOSITES". Remember you'll have the sketchbook of one of your peers so treat it with respect and care. If there's a bleed through from the previous sketch, skip a page and move to the next clean spread.

We had a brief look at the artists of the Brandywine School: Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth, Jessie Wilcox Smith, Harvey Dunn, Dean Cornwall, Frank Schoonover- all brilliant illustrators and artists.

Wednesday morning we'll be looking at your roughs for the first assignment: The re-design of the Video Game of your choice and the re-design for the Game Disk. Remember that we'll be looking for more than one idea on the Game cover so have at least TWO strong distinct concepts ready.

Monday, June 28, 2010


This blog is for ALLAN COMPORT'S totally awesome MICA PRE-COLLEGE ILLUSTRATION CORE CLASS! If you are awesome, this is the place for you.

Your first assignments are:

1) "Hunger" sketchbook illustration: This drawing should fill the first two-page spread in your sketchbook, spanning BOTH pages. Remember, this sketchbook will get passed around to all your classmates, so make sure this is the only drawing in there and that your name is on the first page.
2) Video game cover and CD design: Decide on the game you want to illustrate for and come up with some ideas and loose sketches for tomorrow. You should have 3-4 different ideas and sketches to go with them for us to discuss. Roughs on the idea you pick from these sketches will be due Wednesday. The final piece will be due Monday.
3) Bring in supplies to work in flat colors on your tattoo idea tomorrow.

If any of you are curious, Andrea Kalfas, who gave us that amazing demo in class has her website here:

The Picture Book Report where her Tarzan illustrations are, as well as the work of tons of other great illustrators is here:

xoxo, gossip girl