Monday, July 5, 2010

Assignment #2 BP Oil Spill- TIME cover & spot

Primary Assignment#2:

TIME Magazine Cover: The BP Tragedy: Assessing the Health Effects of the Oil Spill. Your second primary project will be to create an image for the cover of TIME Magazine.

The printed size of the image will be 7.25”W x 9.75” H, Full Color

Roughs will be due on Wed July 7th, to be presented in your small groups; you will present three (3) distinct and different ideas.


You will supply an inside spot; in Black & White- 4 ½ w x 3 h.

This spot will feature the oil spill’s impact on some kind of wildlife. (Birds, fish, turtles, dolphins, etc.) I’m looking for a singular impactful image.

For Wed crits; you need to provide two (2) distinct ideas to your small group.

Final art on both pieces will be due on Monday, July 12th for a morning crit.

You will be provided articles that you are to use for the concepts. Please be sure to read the article and have the imagery and concepts reflect the spirit of the text.

Monday Sketchbook: FRAGILE

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